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Shopping for a Recliner

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  • By Sky Allgayer
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Shopping for a Recliner

Recliner Shopping: A guide from a furniture expert


May 21, 2020

Sky Allgayer


So you want to buy a new recliner? Your old one has seen better days and is patiently waiting by the curb. Time to head to the store!

 With the furniture industry constantly coming up with new styles and features, you may not be aware of your options. Let us start with brands.

Step 1: Compare brands

Your traditional reference of a “Lazy Boy” is actually a brand name manufacturer of recliners. A good starting place when shopping for a recliner is to get familiar with different brands that manufacture them. Our store carries Ashley, Catnapper, Flexsteel and Franklin brand recliners. Each company has different warranty options as well as ways that they manufacture their recliners.

Step 2: Measure your space

If you have an open floor plan and no obstacle in sight, go ahead and skip this step. When comparing recliners you want to measure the chair from head to toe completely reclined. Then from outside arm across the width of the chair. Most websites have these dimensions available, if not call your favorite store to ask a knowledgeable sales staff member. If you plan to put your new recliner against a wall, make sure you have at least 12” of clearance away from the wall to set the recliner. If you would like to put it as close to the wall as possible, you should consider purchasing what is called a “wall away” or “zero wall” recliner. These typically allow for 6” clearance from the wall.

Step 3: Try them all out

I cannot stress this step enough. If you are purchasing for someone as a gift, take into consideration their height and weight. Try to have someone shop with you who is similar in body type. There are numerous shapes and sizes of recliners. What may fit tailored to your body will not be right for the next person.  

Step 4: Ask your salesperson about features and clean ability

Some recliners come in multiple color and fabric options. You may want leather instead of chenille, microfiber instead of vinyl. Power recliners are a great option if you want a custom-reclining feel with charging ports for your devices.  Car-door pulls are considered the easiest reclining handle versus a traditional straight handle.

Once you’ve found your perfect Netflix binge worthy chair, please share your shopping experience with me. I hope you found this article helpful and please watch the full video on this article on our Youtube channel. See the link below.



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